Deep learning-based image and video analysis on your customers.


In-store Onsite Cameras Setup

Our team will offer a whole suite of cameras installation and set-up service to make sure the right data can be generated at the right time and at the right position.

Real-time Customers Analytics

Once installed, the cameras will be sending real-time data e.g. traffic count by periods to our customized dashboard for instant analytics. Remote store management was never so easy.

CRM System Integration

We help clients further integrate customers facial id into their existing CRM system to achieve an offline-online CRM database merge, enabling more powerful customer analytics.



Industry-leading accuracy in real-world applications. We guarantee a 98% of recognition accuracy under all circumstance.



Read the world without waiting, online and offline



Built for high availability. Our system is always on. 24/7.

Our Core Services

Traffic Count by Period and Counter


VIP Recognition
Analyzer of the News


Sentimental Analysis


Moving Trajectory


Heatmap Analytics


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