World Cup 2018 Campaign

To welcome world cup, a comprehensive campaign including an in-app game and two promotional videos were launched. The in-app game allowed users to feel the excitement of penalty shoot-out, where prizes were awarded to winners. In Hong Kong, "shoot a ball" can also be understood as "take a leave" in the workplace, so we took it as a gimmick of videos to promote the in-app game. This campaign helped Circle K create a buzz and boost its app download and engagement significantly.



Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Google Adwords, Mobile App, In-store

Campaign Performance

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UI Design

The in-app game is a part of the CRM program in this campaign. Members will get a “shooting” chance for every $20 purchase. With the big jackpot prize incentive, we have help our client acquired a significant amount of new members while encourage the overall sales during the world cup period. The PokemonGo-alike UX design has enriched the overall excitement of the game.